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My DecoDisc series has become increasingly popular with those seeking something a little different as a gift for family or friends and easier to stock than an 8 foot high Viking chair!.   


DecoDisc themes can incorporate a variety of materials including acrylics, glass, holograms, metal or wood objects and resin.   Similar to decorative paperweights, each one is hand made by myself in Scotland and is, above all, a unique, miniature, piece of art.   


They are supplied in a lovely Cleish Park Presentation Box complete with a Display Stand and there are numerous design categories ranging from Horses and Cats all the way through to Golf and SteamPunk to choose from!  Each DecoDisc is approximately 100mm / 4" in diameter, can be up to 15mm thick and every one is labelled on the back with "Cleish Park, Made in Scotland".

Please click on the video to get a bit more information about these unique items. 

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