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cre·a·tion​ "the action or process of bringing something into existence."


I like creating stuff, it's as simple as that!  And I suppose the good thing is that God has granted me the ability to make things which people seem to like!  On the other hand of course, they might just be being nice!

Its never straightforward though and I can sit for quite a while just literally looking at a blank canvas and waiting for something to happen......  And, even when it does, five seconds later, I've changed my mind and gone in an entirely different direction.

And there are times when the "quite a while" passes by and.....nothing! There are also definitely times when I look at what I've done and wonder how I could have created such a mess!   The highs and lows of creating things! 

But I persevere and I hope that some of the things you see on the site or in the gallery below you may like and, perhaps more importantly, may inspire you to visit one of my retail partners!

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